Schools & Colleges

Benefits of a shop to a school

Total Clothing provides schools with a unique way to get your branded school uniform garments to parents and pupils hassle free

  • Really simple ordering process for the parents
  • Uniform delivered directly to their house
  • No need for you stock anything (other than emergency stock or sizing samples)
  • Parents can place orders 24/7
  • Attractive bespoke website showing all of your products, customised to your school
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Get your school uniform to parents and school children in 5 simple steps

: Call 01733 394758 and talk to Christine our education specialist

: We will discuss your uniform requirements; provide recommendations and prices along with your commission structure

: If you like our suggestions, we will draw up a uniform agreement

: Using your logo / images we will create your unique online store

: Communicate to the parents / school children that they can now buy uniform whenever they want and give them the website address to use

If your school or college would like to talk about having its own online shop please call Christine King on 01733 394758 or e mail

Some typical online shop questions

Q – Is it difficult to set up a shop for our school?

A – No, the Total Clothing system has been developed to make  setting up a school clothing shop fast and simple. One of our clothing advisors will discuss your clothing and site requirements with you. Once the information is available a shop can be ready in approximately one week

Q – How much will it cost us to have a shop for our school?

A –  It won’t cost you anything . We set up the shops FREE OF CHARGE. In fact it has potential to generate the school money through taking a commission on the clothing items sold

Q – What happens if a parent can’t or doesn’t want to order online?

A – Once you have your site set up  there are four ways a customer can order

  • Make order and payment online
  • Call 01733 394758 and place their order with an advisor who will take credit or debit card payment
  • Call into our Peterborough based showroom
  • If appropriate, we will typically organise a school day that the parents and pupils can attend, known as a ‘pop up shop’, where all the clothing will be available for selection and ordering

Q – Once we have set up a shop can we add additional uniform or PE items?

A – The system allows you to  easily add new items or additional sizes / colours

Q – Can we use the shop to sell specialist school clothing like leavers hoodies or school trip clothing?

A – Yes, the system is  perfectly suited to selling specialist school clothing like leavers hoodies or school trip clothing.

Q – We already have some stock in school, but would like to switch to an online store. Is there anything we can do?

A – Yes, we can discuss how to move forward with you to  make your life as easy as possible. If you have any questions about having Total Clothing as your school uniform supplier, please call an advisor on 01733 394758 or e mail