Struggling with how to personalise your Scouting garments

So you have identified that you want to have a personalised garment / garments for your pack. The next step is to work out what designs or personalisation you will have applied to the garment

A brief summary of some of the key elements to consider

  • Embroidered  design lends itself to your scout pack logo. Embroidery is great for smaller areas and is really durable to washing and ironing. Even the most intricate and colourful logo can be created for embroidery all we need is a high quality image
  • Printing is great for larger areas  (typically the back of a garment) and can be single or multiple colours. Typically the more colours you have the higher the cost.
  • Personalisation for a named person. In our experience nothing creates more excitement than actually having your name ( or nickname ) added to a garment . Not only does it form a link between the person and the scout pack it also makes it really easy to identify garments when they have been removed
  • If you have some ideas for personalisation but are unsure about how to add to your garment why not talk to our design team and make use of our FREE design service. Our designers can take your concepts and work them up into a format that can be printed or embroidered
  • Where you are looking at offering your Scouts, Cubs & Beavers the option to have their name or nickname  to be personalised on the garment be aware of the name length. We would always suggest having less than 12 characters to avoid production and legibility issues
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